What is the colour of radio waves?

What is the colour of radio waves?

“Well, we can’t see them, so it means they have no colour.”
We can’t see them, I agree, but does that mean they have no colour? To answer this question let’s begin with the definition of a colour.

Definition from the Encyclopaedia Britannica [1]: Colour, also spelled color, the aspect of any object that may be described in terms of hue, lightness, and saturation. In physics, colour is associated specifically with electromagnetic radiation of a certain range of wavelengths visible to the human eye. Radiation of such wavelengths constitutes that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum known as the visible spectrum—i.e., light.

Here are a few interesting keywords. Electromagnetic radiation. Visible spectrum. Wavelengths. Human eye. Let’s look into that.

Electromagnetic spectrum

Electromagnetic radiations are the waves of electromagnetic field. They are composed of photons of a specific wavelength, frequency and energy, al