Category: Chemistry

What triggers an explosion?

Viewers of action movies or fans of the TV show Mythbusters have seen countless explosions. Fireball, detonation at a very high speed, involving explosives. Everyone can picture this destructive event. But do you really understand what is underneath this phenomenon? How an explosion occurs? Definition of an explosion Back to the basics, to what do…
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Science of cooking

Cooking is the arrangement of food supplies. It is cultural and depends on the ressources available and the climate the people are in. It evolved a lot through time and regions. Spicy, sweet, salty, tasty, every person has a different affinity with meals. However, what they all have in common, they respond to a primary…
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Science Fun Facts #1

Mathematics There are as many positive even numbers as there are positive numbers (even or odd). It is because the two sets are in bijection. N. Bourbaki, Éléments de mathématique : Théorie des ensembles, ISBN 978-3-540-34035-5 Computer science The first ever computer bug occurred in September 1947. Indeed, Admiral Grace Hopper used that word when she found…
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