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Science Fun Facts #2

A new set of scientific fun facts. For the #1, head here: Mathematics The movement of a runner’s ponytail acts as a pendulum and follows the equation: Joseph B. Keller; “Ponytail motion”, SIAM J. Appl. Math., 70(7), 2667–2672; doi: 10.1137/090760477 Computer science It takes two neurons for an AI to learn how to ride a…
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The emergence of borders

Nowadays, borders are clear limits between two countries. Sometimes with tolls and controls, other times with guards or armed militaries to prevent people to go in or out. They can be closed or wide open. They can be crossed. They are also fluctuating. They have been here all our lives. The questions we can ask…
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Science Fun Facts #1

Mathematics There are as many positive even numbers as there are positive numbers (even or odd). It is because the two sets are in bijection. N. Bourbaki, Éléments de mathématique : Théorie des ensembles, ISBN 978-3-540-34035-5 Computer science The first ever computer bug occurred in September 1947. Indeed, Admiral Grace Hopper used that word when she found…
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