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I created this website to share one of my passions: science. I truly believe that all the fields of science are important to anyone’s knowledge.

I will post articles about science subjects I am interested in. Feel free to suggest topics. Posting objective: one per month. But I don’t put too much pressure on me and I will write whenever I want to.

Please come here with an open-mind and consider that some topics might be against your prior knowledge or believes. I may also make mistakes (like everyone) so don’t hesitate to point them out by contacting me with the contact form so I can correct them.

This work is done aside my other job. If you want to support me, there is a Tipeee link with the social icons at the top and bottom of each page, symbolized with a thumbs up.

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Overview of the latest science topics on the website. Have fun with science!

What triggers an explosion?

Viewers of action movies or fans of the TV show Mythbusters have seen countless explosions. Fireball, detonation at a very high speed, involving explosives. Everyone can picture this destructive event.[…]

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Glaciers, our largest fresh water source

In a time of global warming, scientists pull the alarm every year about the consequences. One of the consequences that worry the most is the future of glaciers and what[…]

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Everyday Science #1: The shower-curtain effect

Sometimes, weird events happen in everyday life. One of them might happen every single day while you take a shower. It never occurred to you that the shower curtain seems[…]

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Science is also great in video

Here is a selection of science-related videos I want to highlight. They can be in any language because science is universal. Updates when I found new good ones.


[FR] Les mathématiques de la musique (avec Vled Tapas) — Science étonnante #41

Pourquoi faut-il accorder les instruments ? Et pourquoi y a-t-il 12 notes de musique ? La réponse est dans les maths !


[FR] #9 – La Princesse espionne – Virago – Noor Inayat Khan


[EN] Do Those Glasses Really Fix Colorblindness?

You’ve seen those viral videos of colorblind people putting on special glasses and reacting to colors they’ve never seen before! Today, we’ll explore how colorblindness works and what those glasses try to do to fix it!