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I created this website to share one of my passions: science. I truly believe that all the fields of science are important to anyone’s knowledge.

I will post articles about science subjects I am interested in. Feel free to suggest topics. Posting objective: one per month. But I don’t put too much pressure on me and I will write whenever I want to.

Please come here with an open-mind and consider that some topics might be against your prior knowledge or believes. I may also make mistakes (like everyone) so don’t hesitate to point them out by contacting me with the contact form so I can correct them.

This work is done aside my other job. If you want to support me, there is a Tipeee link with the social icons at the top and bottom of each page, symbolized with a thumbs up.

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Latest Posts

Overview of the latest science topics on the website. Have fun with science!

Everyday Science #2: The milk pouring principle

Has it ever happened to you, when you tried to pour milk into a bowl, that it stops and goes, spilling liquid everywhere? Well, this chaotic flow is based upon[…]

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Science Fun Facts #2

A new set of scientific fun facts. For the #1, head here: Mathematics The movement of a runner’s ponytail acts as a pendulum and follows the equation: Joseph B.[…]

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Breaking the sound barrier

Like seen in the previous post [1], when an explosion is faster than the speed of sound, a shockwave is created, with a sonic boom. I didn’t detailed this phenomenon,[…]

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Science is also great in video

Here is a selection of science-related videos I want to highlight. They can be in any language because science is universal. Updates when I found new good ones.


[FR] Les mathématiques de la musique (avec Vled Tapas) — Science étonnante #41

Pourquoi faut-il accorder les instruments ? Et pourquoi y a-t-il 12 notes de musique ? La réponse est dans les maths !


[EN] What is an RNA Vaccine?

I love RNA, so let’s talk about RNA vaccines and how they work!

This week Pfizer released data saying that their coronavirus vaccine has so far shown 90% efficacy in preventing disease in their clinical trials, which is great! It’s not the end of the road, but it’s a new kind of vaccine called an RNA vaccine, which I am so excited to talk about. So, let’s do just that.


[EN] 3 Paradoxes That Gave Us Calculus