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Scientific consensus: how research works

Research is a slow and long process. It is far from what is pictured, with a new discovery that becomes instantly the new scientific truth. When a new discovery is first made, it takes a while before it is accepted as a scientific consensus. The reason lies in how research works. Fundamental science Research is…
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Science Fun Facts #2

A new set of scientific fun facts. For the #1, head here: Mathematics The movement of a runner’s ponytail acts as a pendulum and follows the equation: Joseph B. Keller; “Ponytail motion”, SIAM J. Appl. Math., 70(7), 2667–2672; doi: 10.1137/090760477 Computer science It takes two neurons for an AI to learn how to ride a…
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Science Fun Facts #1

Mathematics There are as many positive even numbers as there are positive numbers (even or odd). It is because the two sets are in bijection. N. Bourbaki, Éléments de mathématique : Théorie des ensembles, ISBN 978-3-540-34035-5 Computer science The first ever computer bug occurred in September 1947. Indeed, Admiral Grace Hopper used that word when she found…
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