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Breaking the sound barrier

Like seen in the previous post [1], when an explosion is faster than the speed of sound, a shockwave is created, with a sonic boom. I didn’t detailed this phenomenon, then. So I will do it now by explaining what happens when an object producing sound moves becomes supersonic. Properties of sound A sound is…
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A B Sinusoid D E F G 🎶 (part 2)

In the previous post [1] we established how sounds and notes works. We also explained the functioning of some of the most famous instruments: guitars and pianos. These two are part of string instruments, one of three instrument families. The other two families are going to be describe in this post: wind instruments and percussion…
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A B Sinusoid D E F G 🎶 (part 1)

Music is an important part of our everyday life. It is with us when we drive, when we run, when we go out, when we chill out at home. It calms us, it relaxes us, it soothes us, it makes us happy, it affects our mood and our emotions. With their different sonorities thanks to…
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