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Science Fun Facts #2

A new set of scientific fun facts. For the #1, head here: http://allyouneedisscience.net/science-fun-facts-1/ Mathematics The movement of a runner’s ponytail acts as a pendulum and follows the equation: Joseph B. Keller; “Ponytail motion”, SIAM J. Appl. Math., 70(7), 2667–2672; doi: 10.1137/090760477 Computer science It takes two neurons for an AI to learn how to ride a…
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What triggers an explosion?

Viewers of action movies or fans of the TV show Mythbusters have seen countless explosions. Fireball, detonation at a very high speed, involving explosives. Everyone can picture this destructive event. But do you really understand what is underneath this phenomenon? How an explosion occurs? Definition of an explosion Back to the basics, to what do…
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