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I created this website to share one of my passions: science. I truly believe that all the fields of science are important to anyone’s knowledge.

I will post articles about science subjects I am interested in. Feel free to suggest topics. Posting objective: one per month. But I don’t put too much pressure on me and I will write whenever I want to.

Please come here with an open-mind and consider that some topics might be against your prior knowledge or believes. I may also make mistakes (like everyone) so don’t hesitate to point them out by contacting me with the contact form so I can correct them.

This work is done aside my other job. If you want to support me, there is a Tipeee link with the social icons at the top and bottom of each page, symbolized with a thumbs up.

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World map Image of a brain with legend Collection of pictures representing various physics phenomena

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Overview of the latest science topics on the website. Have fun with science!

Scientific consensus: how research works

Research is a slow and long process. It is far from what is pictured, with a new discovery that becomes instantly the new scientific truth. When a new discovery is[…]

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Is Africa gonna split in two?

Don’t worry, it is not going to happen anytime soon, but geologists observe the formation of oceanic crust in Ethiopia. How is it possible since Ethiopia is obviously land and[…]

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Everyday Science #2: The milk pouring principle

Has it ever happened to you, when you tried to pour milk into a bowl, that it stops and goes, spilling liquid everywhere? Well, this chaotic flow is based upon[…]

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Science is also great in video

Here is a selection of science-related videos I want to highlight. They can be in any language because science is universal. Updates when I found new good ones.


[FR] Les mathématiques de la musique (avec Vled Tapas) — Science étonnante #41

Pourquoi faut-il accorder les instruments ? Et pourquoi y a-t-il 12 notes de musique ? La réponse est dans les maths !


[EN] What is an RNA Vaccine?

I love RNA, so let’s talk about RNA vaccines and how they work!

This week Pfizer released data saying that their coronavirus vaccine has so far shown 90% efficacy in preventing disease in their clinical trials, which is great! It’s not the end of the road, but it’s a new kind of vaccine called an RNA vaccine, which I am so excited to talk about. So, let’s do just that.


[EN] 3 Paradoxes That Gave Us Calculus